Welcome to Directorate of Livestock & Dairy Development Research Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Veterinary Research Institute was established in 1949 to undertake essential research on livestock and poultry diseases, its diagnosis and production of Veterinary Biologics and diagnostic agents. FOUR Veterinary Research and Diagnostic Laboratories (VR&DL) at D.I. Khan, Swat, Mansehra and Kohat…....
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Secretary Agriculture - Mr. Muhammad Israr Khan Message
Indeed it is a great honor and privileged for me to share few words. Agriculture employing above 40 percent of the labour force and contributing more than 20 percent to provincial GDP, is one of the key drivers of growth and an excellent opportunity to practic... View Details
Director General (Research) - Dr. Mirza Ali Khan Message
Livestock and Dairy Development Department (Research Wing) mission is to have healthy and productive animals in order to ensure wealthy nation. Livestock & Dairy Development Department (Research Wing) is determined to evolve strategies for sustainable deve... View Details


Rules and Regulations

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Designation Contact / Extension Email Address
Director General (Research) 091-9210218 dg.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Director VRI Peshawar 091-9210218 / 105 dvri.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Director LR&D Peshawar. 091-9213294 dlrd.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Director ( P&D ) Cell 091-9211062 dpd.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director VR&DIC; Abbottabad 0992-383763 rdabbottabad.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director VR&DIC; Swat 0946-9240259 rdswat.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director FMDVRC at VRI Peshawar 091-9213766 dfmdrc.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director VR&DIC; Kohat 0922-9260225 rdkohat.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director VR&DIC; D.I. Khan 0966-740205 rddik.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Regional Director VR&DIC; Chitral 0943-412492 rdchitral.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director LR&DS; Surezai Peshawar 091-5510384 sdsurezai.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director LR&DS; Paharpur D.I. Khan 0331-4521830 sdpaharpur.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director AZSRRI Kohat 0333-9206812 sdazsrri.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director LR&DS; Dir (Lower) 0945-835801 sddir.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director PRI Jaba Mansehra 0997-410028 dpri.lddr@kp.gov.pk
Station Director LR&DS; Swabi 0314-2460540 sdswabi.lddr@kp.gov.pk
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